This is my first blog post

I am hungry.  In fact – famished.  I crave fresh eggs, fresh veggies and sweet fruits.  Lucky for me – I grow them all.  Thus, the beginning of an adult life passion to pursue healthy life choices wrapped up on a dinner plate. Vegees


What’s is most important is knowing where your food comes from.  Don’t you agree? I cannot abide feeding my body or especially those of my children foods full of pesticide-ridden produce or abused, factory farmed, dirty meat. I am a foodie by nature, but at what cost? Time spent in the fresh air and dirt is good for us all, especially good for the food we eat. Processed food and preservatives are bad for you, me and the environment. Join me on my mission to bring healthy, wholesome food to my table and yours…

I will be blogging weekly about our farm adventures, recipes and products. I can’t wait to share what I have learned and experienced through my farming trials and errors.


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