About Old Tree Naturals at Fleetwood Farm

As a mom of 3 wee ones, I find it difficult to find trustworthy natural food and skin products for my children or my loved ones. I have spent most of my life seeking a natural and healthy lifestyle.  I have cultivated and processed herbs and flowers for medicine and cosmetics and grown vegetables and fruit for food for most of my adult life.  Now as farmers, my family is on a new journey.  We have learned to grow and process meat and cheese and eggs, first for ourselves, then our extended family and friends. Now we are finally a full-fledged farm with pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, quail, goats and one old horse.

This is our journey.

Old Tree naturals is an off shoot of that passion – as I strive to grow, raise and make products for others that I would use myself.

Whether it be goats- milk cheese, free-range chickens, lavender soaps or chamomile teas, I hope you will find something to your taste and needs.

Afterall, God gave us everything we two-legged and four legged’s need growing right here in His dirt, Just Good stuff that is Good for You.


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